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Date: 26th May, 2023

 Time: 7:30 pm-9:00 pm

 Venue: Online Mode

 Speaker: Dr Ajith Gopi


 IEEE R10 PES Student Chapter Committee presents SPARK: A series of events for IEEE
PES members of Region 10, under which a Webinar On Photovoltaic Solutions Helping The
Global Energy Transition has conducted on 26th May 2023 in Association with IEEE
PES-IAS-PELS Hyderabad Joint Chapter, IEEE PES-IAS Delhi Chapter,IEEE PES
Bangalore Chapter, IEEE PES Kerala Chapter. And also in collaboration with IEEE PES
Dr Ajith Gopi was the speaker of the session.
He had secured his PhD in Solar Energy from the University of Malaysia, Pahang, under the
research group of Renewable Energy & Environmental Engineering. He is currently heading
Technical Consultancy in Solar PV Projects and Wind Energy Programme at ANERT, the state Nodal Agency for Renewable Energy under the Power Department of Govt. of Kerala and he has got more than 31 years of experience in Renewable Energy field.


The session was commenced by Ms. P. Bindhu, Lead Moderator IEEE R10 PES SCC by
welcoming, Dr Ajith Gopi, Chair IEEE PES Kerala Chapter, all the dignitaries, student
coordinators and all the Participants.
She explained in detail about the SPARK and she also mentioned that it is a series of events for IEEE PES members of Region 10.Later, she welcomed and introduced the speaker of the session, Dr Ajith Gopi, Chair IEEE PES Kerala Chapter, and then handed over session to Dr Ajith Gopi, He started the session by appreciating all the participants who had joined the session and talked about his designation and his role at ANERT (Agency for New and Renewable Energy Research & Technology) Dept of Power, Govt. of Kerala.
He then spoke about significance of Energy utilization across the world and also said that
globally more than 733 million people are without access to energy.He explained in detail about solar PV- Preferred options. He then spoke about the Experimental set up at 2 MW Site. Later on, he explained in detail about performance assessment of ANERT 2 MW plant based on (IEC 61724 Standards) and its preferred options and also included the RE Microgrid Powering Remote Clinic Babati, Arusha, Tanzania. Further he explained about the Relevance of Floatovoltaics in the Global Energy Transition and Schematic Representation of a Typical Floating in PV System. He finally explained in detail about Photovoltaic Roof for highways and he said that all the students had an insightful look into the multiple opportunities around them and how they can help the environment along with upskilling the careers, by learning more about these technologies. A Q and A session was held in the end to resolve all the queries in the minds of students.
No of Participants: 74