You are currently viewing BLOOM 23

Date: 8th May 2023
Time: 1:30 pm
Venue: Mar Baselios Ocean Star Public School(CBSE),Chirattakonam
Speaker: Mr. Flemin K Sony

BLOOM was an interactive session based on Drones mainly focusing on high school students. It was conducted in Mar Baselios Ocean Star Public School on 8th May. The event was conducted to provide the participants a basic knowledge about the working of Drones and its applications therefore making them aware of some engineering marvels and inculcating a will to join engineering therefore understanding its relevance. The speaker of the event was Mr. Flemin K Sony, Chair IEEE RAS SBC CEA. Mr. Flemin is an expert in flying drones as well as in building them. He has in-depth knowledge about drones, hence he was the perfect speaker for the event.

The target behind the event was in giving a good overview of how a drone works as well its underlying engineering principles. Another aim of the event was to evoke an interest in engineering for pre-university students.

Mr Jerrin Mathew George, Chairperson of IEEE PES SBC CEA gave the welcome speech and started the event. Then Mr. Flemin introduced himself to the students. Mr. Flemin first talked about the different types of drones and their uses. Then he explained the key terms that are generally used when talking about drones. He then went on to explain the underlying engineering principles in a drone. He explained it in a way by dividing the topic into smaller portions and using more simpler terms understandable to them.

Mr. Flemin then explained that an engineer is concerned with fixing problems that are present around them. He showed the many ways by which drones can be used to solve the problems earlier mentioned. He told them one such example which he had conceptualised and presented in a competition during his high school. Hence he was also able to show the importance of taking opportunities as well.

The components of a drone were explained next. The particular part of a drone were given to each student when Mr. Flemin was explaining that particular component, so they could have hands-on experience. He explained each component and also cleared the doubts the students had. Towards the end Mr. Flemin showed a schematic diagram of a drone. The students were able to explain the working of each component and how they all work together, when Mr. Flemin asked them about it.

At the end of the event Mr Saran Rajeev Secretary of IEEE PES SBC CEA delivered the vote of thanks. A student was then called upon to give their feedback. The response from the student was overwhelmingly positive. The student responded that he was very excited about drones and that he had well understood what was taught. He was also eager to see what the future holds for drone technology.

At the end, a live demonstration of a drone was also conducted. The students were very excited to see it.Throughout the event Mr. Flemin was able to maintain a great rapport with the students, making the event as interactive as possible. He was able to inspire the students and also show them the transition from theory to practice. The event was well received and it was very beneficial for the students.

Number of Participants: 52