Byte-It 2.0, the second part of our C programming workshop, marked a significant milestone in the journey of aspiring programmers seeking to enhance their skills. Led by the knowledgeable and experienced Mr. Althaf A, the session allowed participants to delve deeper into the intricate aspects of C programming. Building on the foundation laid in the first part of the workshop, Byte-It 2.0 catered to a group of enthusiastic learners who possessed the prerequisite knowledge, resulting in a more engaging and insightful experience.

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Spectrum Talk- Dec

The tech talk series conducted by IEEE Student Branch, College of Engineering Adoor, ‘Spectrum Talk’ for the month of December was conducted on 7th December 2023 at 4.30 pm.

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Train Up 7.0

IEEE CS SBC CEA along with IEEE SB CEA conducted a skill development session on the topic “Basics of Python”. The purpose of the event was to provide participants with a fundamental understanding of the Python programming language and to pave the way for their continuous learning and growth in this field.

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