Train Up 7.0

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Date: 2nd & 4th December 2023
Time: 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm
Venue: DSP LAB & CSE LAB CE Adoor
Speaker : Mr Anantha Krishnan KP


IEEE CS SBC CEA along with IEEE SB CEA conducted a skill development
session on the topic “Basics of Python”. The purpose of the event was to
provide participants with a fundamental understanding of the Python
programming language and to pave the way for their continuous learning
and growth in this field.


The session delved into the core syntax and data types of Python, including
variables, integers, floats, and strings, with hands-on examples to reinforce
understanding. Control flow statements, such as if-else conditions and loops
were explored, along with the importance of proper indentation in Python.
A significant portion of the event focused on functions and modules,
highlighting their role in code organization and showcasing practical examples.
The interactive nature of the event was evident during the Q&A session,
where participants had the opportunity to seek clarification on any doubts or
The event concluded with closing remarks expressing gratitude to the
participants and encouraging them to continue exploring Python. Attendees
left with a solid foundation in Python programming. The success of the event
was evident in the engaged and enthusiastic participation of the attendees,
fostering a positive learning environment. The positive feedback received from
participants reflects the effectiveness of the event in achieving its educational
No. of participants: 27