You are currently viewing ‘VOID LOOP #1’<br>BASICS OF PYTHON

IEEE CS SBC CEA conducted the first section of interview preparation series under the flagship program ‘Void loop’ in collaboration with IEEE CS SBC MITS .The session was streamed and it was handled by Anandhakrishnan GM.

The aim of this event is to prepare students for placement interviews. The first session of this event consists of two video lectures which was streamed in YouTube and it was handled by Anandhakrishnan GM (4th year CSE student CEA).
The first video lecture talked about how to install python in your computer, identifiers, rules for writing identifiers,keywords, python datatype and how to write input and output in python.The second video lecture discussed about python operators,if statement,if…else statement, if..elif..else statement, python nested if statement. Both of the session also included writing programs using this conditions to make the event more interactive for participants. The event was very informative and received positive responses from the participants.