You are currently viewing TRAIN UP 4.0 DAY-2

Date: 28th June 2023 

Time: 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm

 Venue: Google Meet 

Speaker : Mr Faheem P A 


IEEE CS SBC CEA along with IEEE SB CEA conducted the second lecture session on portfolio web development as a part of Train Up 4.O. The session was conducted in google meet platform and was handled by Mr Mr Faheem P A (Webmaster IEEE SB CEA , Web Team IEEE RAS Kerala Chapter ) 


The second session centered on the implementation of CSS to style the portfolio website. Participants were provided with a target website design to recreate from scratch. They learned how to examine and analyze each design element and apply appropriate CSS properties, selectors, and styling techniques to achieve the desired outcome. Through practical exercises and examples, participants developed proficiency in CSS and honed their ability to transform a static HTML structure into a visually appealing webpage. Through this session the participants learned how to implement CSS rules effectively, transforming the plain HTML structure into an aesthetically pleasing and well-organized web page. The session was very informative and received a lot of positive responses from the participants. 

No.of participants: 12