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Tech Pulse is the official newsletter of IEEE SB CEA. The motive of the newsletter is to provide an understanding and insight into the activities of the student branch on a monthly basis to all current and past IEEE members of our student branch. It consists of the information about the events that were conducted in the months of September-October. The events conducted are: 

  1.  Spectria 
  2.  Xeneum 
  3.  Techoryx
  4.  Seleno
  5.  Pitch N’ Write
  6.  Spectrum Talk
  7.  Glean
  8.  Informatyka 2.0 
  9.  Article Writing Competition
  10. Introduction to Github 
  11.  Introduction to Logo Designing 
  12. Introduction to Web Development 
  13. Basic of Circuit Designing Using Proteus 
  14. Introduction to Tinkercad 
  15. IEEE Day Celebrations 
  16. Expedita 
  17. Lucent 6.0 
  18. Introduction to Cyber Security