SOLARIUM(Inauguration Ceremony)

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Date : 29th December 2023
Time: 8:00 pm
Venue: Google meet

Dr. Ajith Gopi(Chair,IEEE PES Kerala Chapter)
Mr. Ananthu R Krishnan (Renewable Energy Consultant)
Mrs. Divya V (Renewable Energy Professional)


The IEEE PES SBC CEA in collaboration with IEEE PES KERALA CHAPTER conducted     the inauguration ceremony of the workshop on solar photovoltaics ‘SOLARIUM’ and           a workshop session based on this topic.The speakers of the session Dr. Ajith Gopi,         Mr. Ananthu R ,Krishnan,Mrs. Divya V explained various factors related to this topic       and inaugurated SOLARIUM.

Brief Description:

The host of the event Mr. Saran Rajeev(Secretary of IEEE PES SBC CEA)  commenced  the
event after giving a welcome speech to all the participants and speakers of the event.Each of the speakers were invited to introduce themselves to the participants.At first Mrs.Divya V and Mr. Ananthu R Krishnan introduced themselves to  the  participants  then Dr. Ajith Gopi introduced himself  and inaugurated the event SOLARIUM. He also shared his exp erience on this field and how he tackled various situations in his life in a  chronological manner.He explained the importance of a simulation software in this field that is the PV system software.  He explains how a simulation plays a crucial  role in implementing a project. Then Mr. Ananthu R Krishnan presented the real life problems that we face while implementing such projects based on this topic. Aftermath Mrs. Divya V provided an overview of the scope of this field(Renewable Energy). At last there was a Q&A session for the participants of the event and the speakers gave appropriate justification for their doubts. A photo session was also conducted in between the event. The event was conducted successfully ,the goal of the event was achieved.SOLARIUM was inaugurated and the participants got fresh knowledge and an insight of the upcoming workshop on this topic