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The host of the event Mr. Saran Rajeev (Secretary of IEEE PES SBC CEA) invited Mr. Jerrin Mathew George (Chair, IEEE PES SBC CEA) for the welcome address and he welcomed the judges and all the participants of the event. Afterwards the host of the event Mr. Saran Rajeev called the participants to deliver their speeches on the respective topics. The first participant Mr. Gokul GK was called to the stage and then he presented a speech on the topic Blue Hydrogen. Other participants presented their respective topics such as : Airborne wind turbines, Smart City, Micro Grid, Role of artificial intelligence in the energy sector, Innovation of lithium metal batteries for faster charging, Wind Power storage, Solar panel recycling, Green Hydrogen and Green building. Fourteen participants and seventeen viewers were present for the event. At the end of the event the host invited Miss Swathy Suresh, (Vice chair, IEEE PES SBC CEA) for the vote of thanks. The event was successful in achieving its aim to impart technical knowledge to the participants and our viewers. It also focused on public speaking skills and increasing the self confidence and self esteem of the participants of the event. Thereby making the event a grand success.

Date : 14th March 2023
Time : 1:00 PM
Venue : IEEE Room

Number of Participants: 14