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As a part of National Science Day celebrations 2022, Women in Engineering Affinity
Group of IEEE SB CEA in association with Robotics and Automation Society conducted
a webinar competition,“POTENTIA” on the topic “Contribution of Indian Women in the
field of Science and Technology”.This webinar competition was exclusively for first year students.

Potentia was a webinar competition on the topic “Contribution of Indian Women in the
field of Science and Technology”.To commemorate women in the National Science Day
on 26th February 2022, Women in Engineering and Robotics and Automation Society
SB CEA conducted a very engaging competition which enriched the students’
knowledge in the contributions of Indian women in the technological field. The
competition started with the welcome address given by Ms. Gopika Nair J (WiE
secretary, IEEE SB CEA). Participants started their presentations soon after the
welcome address. A total of six groups competed with each other containing two
members in each group.The scrutiny of the presentations were done by Mr. Yadhu
Krishnan, Ms. Ruth Mariyam Jose and Mr. Sajin S. Each team showed their profound
interest towards the competition. Positive feedback was received from all the participants.