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IEEE CS SBC CEA conducted an event called NOXUS a 4 day offline AI workshop. The workshop was held at the college of Engineering Adoor.The mentors of this workshop session was Sujith Kumar A (S7 CSE) and Manu Suresh (S7 CSE).

The aim of this workshop is to familiarise students with basics of
Creating Expert Systems − The systems which exhibit intelligent
behavior, learn, demonstrate, explain, and advice its users. To
Implement Human Intelligence in Machines − Creating systems that
understand, think, learn, and behave like humans.The workshop
included 2 AI projects Face recognisation and lane detection.
The event was conducted at college of Engineering Adoor from
9:30-4:30 pm.The participants of this event was divided into two
batches .The workshop for 1st batch was conducted on 26th and
27th November2022 and the workshop for 2nd batch was
conducted on 3rd and 4th December 2022. The first days of
workshop focused on basics of python which slowly engaged
participants to find code for bigger problems. The second days of
workshop worked on 2 AI projects face recognisation and lane
detection.The mentors of workshop were Sujith Kumar A (S7 CSE)and
Manu Suresh(S7 CSE) of College of Engineering Adoor .The
participants were provided with food and snacks and event also
included games to make it more engaging. The event received
positive response from Participants.