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Miss Swathy Suresh, Vice-Chair IEEE PES SBC CEA welcomed the speaker Mr. Saran K.S to the event. The host of the event Miss Sruthy Joshy, WiP Coordinator, IEEE PES SBC CEA welcomed Mr. Saran Rajeev, Secretary IEEE PES SBC CEA, the questioner of the session.First of all, the speaker of the session, Mr. Saran K.S introduced himself to the participants of the session. He first gave an overview of IEEE and IEEE PES. Then he explained about the benefits of being a member of PES. Also he explained the focus of activities and projects of PES. Then he continued to explain about: a brief history of IEEE PES, scholarships available from IEEE PES for students, funding for projects from PES, publications of PES, online resources available from PES, communities of IEEE PES, IEEE PES Day and it’s aim.He then explained about his volunteering experiences and through that he highlighted the qualities a good volunteer should have. He also explained how PES helped him a lot in his career and the way PES paved for him to pursue his higher education.A photo session was conducted with the participants and the volunteers at the end of the event.
The event was successful in achieving its aim of imparting an overview of IEEE PES, its significance and benefits to the participants.

Venue: Google Meet
Date: 22nd January 2023
Time: 6:00 PM
Speaker: Mr Saran K.S

Number of Participants: 35