You are currently viewing IEEE DAY<br>INTRODUCTION TO TINKERCAD

IEEE CS SB CEA and IEEE PES SB CEA in occasion with IEEE Day conducted
6th lecturette session about ‘Introduction to Tinker Cad’ in collaboration
with IEEE SB LBSCEK through Google meet.The lecture session was
handled by Sreenivas Pai K the chair of IEEE PES LBSCEK .

The aim of this session is to familiarise students with TinkerCad how
circuit designing and simulation work on it. Tinkercad is a free, easy-to-use app for  3D design, electronics, and coding.The session began with the basics explaining from the different tools and how to connect circuits in Tinkercad. Later the speaker
connected circuit like DC motor,stepper motor using Arduino and
simulated them in Tikercad.The event was informative and received
positive response from the participants.