You are currently viewing IEEE DAY CELEBRATIONS

In view of IEEE Day 2022, IEEE SB CEA conducted IEEE Day Celebrations on 14th
October 2022 at IHRD Technical Higher Secondary School, Adoor. An overview of the activities of IEEE was put forward to the school students to promote them to take part in
the advancing of technology. As the theme for IEEE Day 2022 was “Leveraging
Technology for a Better Tomorrow”, it was decided that this could be best achieved by
engaging and motivating the future engineers.

Dr. John George addressed the audience and put forward the aim of the event to the
students. The session began with acquainting the students about IEEE and its societies as well as the numerous benefits of being an IEEE member. The session was handled by Jerrin Mathew George, Vice Chairperson of IEEE PES SBC CEA. Mr. Jerrin utilized the
platform to share his experiences about IEEE and the benefits of being an IEEE
member. The students were presented with the vast scope of the organization.
An engaging talk on the topic ‘ Digital Electronics’ was organized by Issac Thomas
Varghese, Chairperson of IEEE CS SBC CEA. Various aspects regarding the field and
its applications were discussed in the session. A small visual experiment using Arduino
UNO was also done and then the basic level programming concepts behind it was also
taught by him.Mr. Kevin P, Chairperson of IEEE PES SBC CEA took a session on the topic ‘Future of Electronics’ and he reminded the students how important is the role played by electronics in today’s world. He was able to inspire the students by showing them various projects done through IEEE.
The meeting also had the presence of Dr. Jayachandran E S, (Professor and HOD ECE
Department and Student Branch Counselor IEEE SB CEA) and Dr. John George, (Professor and HOD EEE Department and IEEE PES SBC CEA Advisor). They shared their experiences in IEEE and also took an awareness class on various engineering domains.
The meeting ended with a cake cutting ceremony to share joy with the students for celebrating IEEE day.