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Ms.Irene Alsa George, Chair, IEEE SB College of Engineering Adoor commenced the
meeting and wholeheartedly welcomed everyone.
The event started with a few cultural performances. Firstly, Ms. Irene Alsa George,
Chair, IEEE SB CEA flagged off the event with an amazing song. Followed by this Mr.
Sarath Sasi, Secretary, IEEE CEA SB SIGHT also came up with a wonderful song.
Next to show the love and gratitude to all the volunteers who dedicated their service
towards IEEE SB CEA as a part of execom 2022, Dr. Jayachandran E S, Branch
Counsellor, IEEE SB CEA presented the token of appreciation. A plaque and a
certificate of honour were given to the volunteers as a symbol of their hard work and

The outstanding volunteers who received the plaque and certificates were:
1. Mr Sujith Kumar A, Chair, IEEE SB CEA
2. Ms. Swathy S, Vice-chair, IEEE SB CEA
3. Mr. Kevin P, Chair, IEEE PES SBC CEA
4. Mr. Issac Thomas Varghese, Chair, IEEE CS SBC CEA
5. Mr. Midhun T, Chair, IEEE RAS SBC CEA
6. Mr. Jishnu Raj R, Chair, IEEE CEA SB SIGHT, Activity Coordinator Lead
7. Mr. Abhiram Sreekumar, Webmaster, IEEE SB CEA
8. Ms. Neethu U R, Chair, IEEE WiE AG SB CEA
9. Ms. Neha Ashiq Nellikal, Vice-chair, IEEE WiE AG SB CEA
10.Ms. Nivya Koshi, Content Lead, IEEE SB CEA
11. Mr. Hari Narayanan E, Activity Coordinator, IEEE SB CEA
12.Ms. Devika Rani, Chair, IEEE IAS/IES Jt SBC CEA
13.Ms. Gayathri T S, Vice-chair, IEEE CS SBC CEA
After this the cake cutting ceremony was conducted. Dr. Jayachandran E S, Branch
Counsellor, IEEE SB CEA, Dr. John George, Advisor, IEEE PES SBC CEA and IEEE
IAS/IES Jt SBC CEA along with the past execom members and Ms. Irene Alsa George,
chair, IEEE SB CEA cut the cake.

Followed by this an address was given by Dr. Jayachandran E S, Branch Counsellor,
IEEE SB CEA. He spoke about his experiences and shared the joy of being an IEEE
volunteer and how we as individual volunteers contribute to greater good for the people.
Dr. John George, Advisor, IEEE PES SBC CEA, IEEE IAS/IES Jt SBC CEA also gave
an address. He talked about how proud he felt to be a part of the IEEE family. He also
shared his experiences as a volunteer and also encouraged the students to be sincere

The past execom members also shared their experiences. Firstly, Mr Sujith Kumar A,
past chair, IEEE SB CEA shared his experience as an IEEE volunteer. He talked about
the joy of volunteering. He also spoke about both his achievements and mistakes and
how we as a whole team can improve our performance.
This was followed by Mr. Kevin P, past chair, IEEE PES SBC CEA. He also shared his
valuable experiences, the beginning of his IEEE journey and how he feels as an IEEE
volunteer. By sharing his experiences, Mr. Kevin inspired the young talents present
there. The event came to an end with the vote of thanks given by Ms.Irene Alsa George,
Chair, IEEE SB CEA. Overall the event was a great success where everyone was able to share their joys.

Number of Participants: 54