You are currently viewing DEBATE NATION – April

IEEE IAS/IES JT SBC CEA conducted a debate competition on the topic “All vehicles must be electric”. The competition was conducted at the IEEE room CEA. A total of 2 teams including 4 members each participated in the competition.

The debate competition started with both teams sharing their ideas and viewpoints. The teams were debating each other with one team saying the pro’s and the others saying the cons about the topic. Each team was given one minute for sharing their points on what the opposite team had said before. The competition lasted for about 25 minutes. The winners of the competition were announced by a judging panel of 3 judges. The competition ended by thanking the participants, judges and the viewers. The aim of the event was to enhance the thought process of the students, to make them more adapted to good team work and to improve their communication skills. The event was informative received good response from everyone

No. of participants : 8

No. of audience : 26