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In light of IEEE PES Day 2022, IEEE SB CEA in association with IEEE PES SBC CEA
conducted the 4th edition of the exclusive event APTORA – a video challenging competition conducted for all IEEE students across India.
The basic objective of this event was to enlighten students on the topic of Green energy
Solutions and to provide a platform where they can share their views and thoughts on the
topic, in an audio-visual manner and to inculcate the habit of learning through sharing.

APTORA 4.0 is an initiative by the Power and Energy Society of IEEE SB CEA to encourage
young, dynamic and enthusiastic minds across the world to enrich and develop knowledge by exploring their awareness, insights and perspective on contemporary topics. APTORA 4.0 was an online 60-second video competition on the topic of green energy solutions. The various entries of the event were posted on the official Instagram page of IEEE SB CEA. The students were provided with a period of 20 days (the deadline for the submission of videos had been extended till 20th May) to prepare the content and present it within 60 seconds. The event saw the participation of many IEEE students from different SBs. Each SB’s of various colleges that participated, could challenge other colleges of their choice to be a part of the contest. This challenge allowed the students to convey some core points on green energy within a small time limit and circulate these points to a large network as these videos were released on social media platforms.
The winners of the competition were declared on 5th of September 2022. The first prize went to Daina Ann Joseph of S4 ECE, College of Engineering, Adoor. The first runner-up was Shegin Ismail of S4 IT, Government College of Engineering, Idukki. And the second runner-up was Najiha Noorudheen of S4 ECE, MESCE College of Engineering, Kuttippuram. The winners were selected by the judging panel based on the quality of content, participant’s performance including the style, clarity and conviction of thought, lucidity of articulation and the number of likes received for the video. Appreciation goes to all contestants who participated in the 4th edition of APTORA as well as all the people that backed them with votes and support. We look forward to conducting more events like APTORA by utilising the positive aspects of social media to discuss various interesting topics that could revolutionise the world of science and technology